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News Thrustmaster announce the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari F458 Italia Edition for Xbox One


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We've had something of an influx of next generation racing peripheral announcements lately. There was the Thrustmaster T80 Drive Club Edition, the first official wheel announced for the PS4. For the Xbox One, there was the Mad Catz Force Feedback wheel. Now, Thrustmaster (it's okay, I sitll giggle too) have retaliated with an Xbox One wheel of their own: the TX Racing Whel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, conveniently planned to be released alongside Forza Motorsport 5

The TX is said to be a 7:10 scale replica of the Ferrari 458 wheel with a rubber grip and will replicate the Xbox One controller buttons including the Binder ID, Xbox One guide button and View & App button.

Disappointingly, there was no mention of force feedback, but more details are said to be announced soon which will hopefully provide some clarification.

Like the aforementioned next generation wheels, the TX doesn't appear to have a clutch pedal or gear shifter either, sadly, as the description only refers to its "metal gas and brake pedals and wheel-mounted, die-cast paddle shifters".

Then again, a budget Ferrari 458 Italia wheel has already been released for the Xbox 360 this year which also lacked force feedback and a clutch pedal, so it wouldn't be surprising if the TX has a similar specification. It would be a crying shame if it  doesn't feature force feedback, as options for Xbox One racing wheel peripherals are rather limited for hardcore users. Fortunately, however, there is a faint glimmer of hope.

Many of you will no doubt be wondering what Fantaec, the esteemed German racing peripheral manufacturer who have regularly produced premium quality wheels for the Xbox 360 designed for Forza Motorsport, are planning for the Xbox One and whether or not their current models such as the CSR and CSR Elite will be supported. 

A recent status update on Fanatec's Facebook page has shed some dim light on the subject, confirming that "several products for several platforms" are in development and that they are working on making their existing products "upwards compatible." Unfortunately, the update went on to say that they could not confirm this will be possible before the final release of the Xbox One. 

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