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News Mad Catz Force Feedback Wheel announced for Xbox One


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Not to feel left out by Thrustmaster's T80 Drive Club Edition PS4 wheel, Mad Catz have announced a new wheel designed for the Xbox One currently known simply as the Mad Catz Force Feedback Wheel.

Details are currently scant (a release date and pricing have yet to be announced), but, crucially, unlike the T80 the Mad Catz wheel will at least feature force feedback powered by dual motors. The sleek-looking wheel rim will also be replaceable – a feature popularised by Thrustmaster and Fanatec with products such as the CSR Elite Formula Rim

There are some downsides, however. While Mad Catz are billing their force feedback wheel as a premium product, more serious racing gamers will derride the wheel for its lack of gear shifter and clutch pedal – two crucial factors in the premium racing peripheral market that put it directly behind its competitor Fanatec, who have provided high-end Forza licensed wheels for the Xbox 360.

While it's encouraging to see third party manufacturers developing new racing peripherals for the next-gen consoles, it seems unlikely that the Mad Catz will cater for hardcore sim racers. If you fall into that category, we recommend waiting to see if Fanatec have any Xbox One peripherals in-store for Forza Motorsport 5.

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