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News Survival racer Distance coming to PlayStation VR


Kevin Dooley


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Game: Distance

Platform: PC, PS4

Publisher: Refract Studios

Release Date: 18/09/2018

Refract have recently confirmed that their survival racer Distance will be arriving for the PlayStation VR, indeed a playable version was available at the PlayStation Experience for some lucky gamers to get to grips with.

Distance is a fast-paced arcade racer with point A to B tracks that are littered with deadly obstacles. In order to survive you’ll need to complete jumps, rotations, boosts, drive both on walls and upside down and even take flight. This means you’re not tied down to the actual track but instead can carve out your own path to some degree.

Factoring VR in to the equation, you’ll be able to drive from the seat position from within the car to really give you that sense of what it would be like to pilot one of these vehicles. To make this possible Refract had to redesign their UI to work within the cockpits of the vehicles.

Distance will release for the PlayStation 4 console at some point in 2016 and is currently available to play on Steam’s Early Access programme (in fact it was released on Early Access a year from yesterday). Needless to say, we at TeamVVV are very much looking forward to when the various VR headsets come to market as they could truly revolutionise the racing genre in particular. We’ll have more on Distance in the not so distant future.

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