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News Super Toy Cars speeds onto PS4


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Game: Super Toy Cars

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, Wii U, XBox One

Publisher: Eclipse Games

Release Date: 24/07/2014

Following its release on PC, Xbox One and Wii U last year, Super Toy Cars has had a surprise release on the PS4 through the PSN store.

Developed by Eclipse Games, Super Toy Cars is a tabletop racer where you drive across tracks constructed out of everyday objects whilst using power-ups to obliterate your opponents. Sound familiar?

While it probably isn’t the most original racing game ever made, Super Toy Cars comes bundled with plenty of content to keep you occupied for its budget price point, retailing for  £7.99/€9.99 on the PSN store: the career mode contains 48 events and there are 15 different tracks set in 5 locations to play with along with 16 unique cars. The PC and Wii U versions also included a track editor, but it sadly hasn’t made the jump to Xbox One or PS4. The lack of online multiplayer probably won’t do its replayability any favours, either.

With the recent release of Blaze Storm on PS4 (also a port of a previous release on other formats) and Codemasters’ Toybox Turbos plus Playrise Digital’s Table Top Racing: World Tour on the horizon, there’s definitely plenty of tabletop racers to choose from. How Super Toy Cars can set itself apart remains to be seen.

Writing on their official website, Eclipse Games unashamedly embrace Super Toy Cars’ obvious influences: “We, the developers at Eclipse Games, are old-time gamers”, they said. “We have played and loved all these classic arcade racing games from our youth: the first MicroMachines games, the intense Super Off-Road, the unforgettable Death Rally, the epic Mario Kart games, etc.”

“We decided we wanted to develop a game that captured the essence of these classics but with updated graphics and an option to build your own tracks, because we remember how much fun it was to build and play them in 4D Sports Driving. We’ve tried very carefully to keep the spirit of the classics of old in the handling, the art-style and the gameplay of the game. We’ve tried really hard to make it pretty and sound good, but most of all, we really wanted to make it fun.”

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