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Game: Ride

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 27/03/2015

Frame rates are a hotly debated topic in the racing genre. But as the benefits of 60 fps are becoming increasingly apparent, expectations for 60 fps-locked console games are still not being met.

After comparing Project CARS 60 fps to DriveClub's 30 fps, Ride is our latest test subject as we take a look at the PC version running at 60 fps versus the PS4 at 30 fps with footage taken from my PS4 first look preview.

60 fps is of course preferable in games, but developers often argue the extra resources it requires isn't justified on consoles when consumers demand extra graphical detail, which is why the majority of current-gen games have been locked down to 30 fps. Some games can pull 30 fps off, however.

DriveClub is one such example. Despite being locked at 30 fps, the sense of speed is still sensational thanks to some smartly-implemented motion blur and a rock solid frame rate that's one of the smoothest examples of 30 fps seen to date. The trade-off, of course, is that Evolution have managed to achieve maximum fidelity without sacrificing fluidity. 


Ride on the other hand is certainly a game that would have benefited from being locked at 60 fps. The sense of speed is significantly lessened in the 30 fps PS4 version, and at times it even struggles to maintain 30 fps. Players are reporting the performance is even worse on the Xbox One, despite it having extra development time to bump up the resolution to 1080p.

Indeed, the unstable frame rate is particularly perplexing when you analyse Ride's subpar graphics. While the bike models and riders are impressively detailed, the environments leave a lot to be desired. Unlike DriveClub, they aren't exactly pushing the system to its limits, making the lack of 60 fps less excusable, let alone the fact it struggles to maintain a smooth 30 fps. It's a flaw Milestone certainly need to address in future titles, as a rocky frame rate significantly detracts from the immersion and sense of speed – both of which are essential in a racing game.

Would having Ride running at 60 fps increase your enjoyment of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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