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News Reiza Studios’ Ayrton Senna game unaffected by GT6, still in development for PC


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Following the surprise revelation that content relating to Ayrton Senna is on the horizon for Gran Turismo 6, a thought immediately popped into my head: what does this mean for the Ayrton Senna licensed game in development by Reiza Studios?

Speaking to VirtualR, Reiza Studios confirmed that Senna's inclusion in GT6 will not affect their project: "We have exclusive rights for Senna on the PC platform. GT6 is naturally PS3 only," they confirmed. 

At this point, which Senna-related game we'll be playing first is anyone's guess – the GT6 Senna content will be released as post-release DLC, whereas Reiza Studios PC Senna game still doesn't have a solid release date, let alone any screenshots or videos – despite being announced back in 2011.

All we do know is that it will utilise a new engine instead of gMotor2 which powers their current racing games such as Game Stock Car and that some of the profits will be donated to the Ayrton Senna Institute, an organisation founded by Senna's family to improve Brazilian children's education. They also recently partnered with Gran Turismo 6. 

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