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News Project CARS 4.0 patch powers onto PS4 and PC


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

Well this is a pleasent surprise: the latest major patch for Project CARS has deployed updating the game to version 4.0, adding another raft of fixes and features. As usual, the PS4 and PC platforms get a headstart on the Xbox One as the patch is still in submission with Microsoft. The PS4 4.0 patch weighs in at 3GB, whereas the PC patch is only 1.8GB.

Improvements include the ability to force default setups in multiplayer, enhanced brake assistance, additional best line visualisation, stability enhancements, improved AI behaviour when pitting and more.

With plenty of car and track DLC also on the way in the coming months, you certainly can't accuse Slightly Mad of failing to support Project CARS 4 months after release.

We also recently reviewed Project CARS, calling it a "landmark racing game".

You can read the full changelog for both platforms below. 


Online – added support for 'Force Default Setups' in Multiplayer restrictions screen.

Online – lobby search settings are now saved between sessions.

HUD – when adjusting real-time settings, for example Brake Balance, the player will now see a HUD message to indicate what the setting has been changed to. The HUD will display “N/A” in the real-time settings HUD, messaging when a specific setting is not available due to it being disabled in MP session or not present on the vehicle.

Assists – Enhanced Brake Assistance system so that people who are unable to use brake controllers at all can still play the game with this assist enabled.

Tracks – Movable trackside objects and broken-off car parts will now be removed from the track after impacts.ONLINE

New – players driving the wrong way will now have their collision disabled and their vehicles will display as ghost cars.

Fixed an issue where the AI could remain stuck on the grid after the previous host left the session.

Fixed an issue in Create Lobby where selecting Vehicle ‘view details’ would reset the class filter.

Various tweaks to the behaviour of cars that are terminally damaged, and cars will no longer try to teleport to the garage if there are no pit lanes.

Further tweaks and improvements to the online lobby Car Class GUI – classes are now sorted alphabetically; changes are now only apply once the player accepts the new settings; ‘Create’ options defaults to ‘Any’ class; fixes an issue where the host would see only one vehicle in the quick vehicle chooser list if identical vehicles was set to ‘yes’.


Fixed an issue where the player's best of session ghost time didn’t always exactly match his actual best of session time.


Fixed an issue where tyre pressures were not resetting properly when returning to pits.

Adjustments to fuel calculations when returning to pits during a practice session – when calculating the required fuel when the player returns to the pits, the estimated fuel levels are used for consistency.

Tyres – small adjustment to peak slip ratio or P Zero Trofeo, Faretti Track, and other soft-track road tires for road cars.

Improved the transition from road to off-road as certain off-road surfaces caused too much jarring on the steering.


Various tracks – Nordschleife, Greenwood Karting, Silverstone National, Dubai GP, Barcelona National, Nurburgring Sprint Short – cut-track improvements based on latest community feedback.

Fixed an issue where the player would be placed first on the grid of race two in a multi-race round, after being disqualified from the first race. Disqualified drivers will now be placed at the back of the grid.

Fixed an issue where bonus points were not being awarded for Kart series and some invitational events.

DLC Career Accolades – translated (non-English) strings added for Invitational Accolade – 320 Touring Challenge

New – mandatory pitstop opening lap will now scale as well when the player scales the length of the race. For example, if the race was set to 5 laps, the pits would open for the mandatory stop on lap 2. If the player now scales the race length to 15 laps, the pits will open on lap 6 for the mandatory pitstop

Improved the AI logic during races with Mandatory pit stops so that they will pick a more optimal time to stop when there is also changing weather at play.



New – added a game version number display to the main menu.

Rebalanced the point at which Forecast weather becomes Current weather in the UI display so that the info display changeover better matches what the player is seeing in-game.

Fixed an issue where the Time Progression slider skipped every 2nd option when moving the slider left or right.

Fixed an issue where the tyre wear meters on the HUD telemetry screen were flipped for the right front and left rear tyres.

Removed redundant leading zeros from the KERS motec display.

Enabled scrolling of the drivers list on the post race Standings screen.

New GUI image with real-world livery for Ford Capri Group5.



Fixed an issue where force feedback was still active when an AI team mate was driving the player’s car.

Logitech – updated pedal mappings for the G29 to match the latest hardware revisions.

Fanatec – CSR Elite 2nd dpad removed (as per SDK change); handbrake now works when attached to pedals via wheel base; added support for CSP connected via USB.

Fixed an issue with the Fanatec CSS connected via USB to the PS4, the wheel paddles stopped functioning.


Audi R18 e-tron – added hybrid/KERS readout to cockpit display.

BMW 2002 Turbo – tweaked default tyres and brake balance so that the default setup provides a better overall performance versus the other cars in its class.

Caterham SP300R – added push-to-pass boost gauge to cockpit display and enabled exhaust backfire.

Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback – fix for shadow flicker on AI cars.

Ford Mustang GT 2015 – reduced FFB tire force multiplier by 25%.

Marek/RWD LMP cars – improved the default view position.

Added hybrid boost gauge to display for McLaren P1, Marek RP339h LMP1, RWD P30 LMP1.

Audi R18 e-tron – Rebalanced cockpit exposure/brightness.

Le Mans – lowered the entry part of the kerb in the Mulsanne corner to fix the issue where cars would register a collision with the kerb.


Enhanced Brake Assistance system so that people who are unable to use brake controllers at all can still play the game with this assist enabled.

Fixed an issue where the Driving Line assist would become invisible when particles were set to off.

Fix further cases where the pre-race cameras would at times cut into the track surface.

Tweaks to gamma settings to closer match the PC and Xbox One platforms (PS4 only)

Fixed an issue with the rendering of shadow edges, improving overall shadow rendering.

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