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Game: Project CARS 2

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 22/09/2017

Project CARS 2 is a sublime and comprehensive racing simulation, but it's not without its flaws. Bugs and glitches hampered the game at launch, but Slightly Mad Studios has been working to rectify user-reported issues with the release of substantial patch updates.

Another big update has been deployed across all platforms with the release of patch 4.0, bringing stability improvements, improved LiveTrack 3.0 performance, and gameplay balancing. The update also adds a new Opposite Lock Assist for gamepads and keyboards to help control oversteer and slides, as well as extensive AI improvements across different location and vehicle classes. 

Players can also look forward to the release of the Porsche Legends Pack in early March, which will add nine legendary cars celebrating Porsche's 70th anniversary this year, as well as an additional FIA-certified track, twenty liveries, five new career events, and nine community events.

Here's a full list of changes in the Project CARS 2 update for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Solved link to Facebook page when user selects the Facebook option on the Extras tab whilst Microsoft Edge is set as default browser on PC.

Solved VR flicker.

Dedicated Server: improved client and server code that uses older net API, allowing for more reliable connections.

Improvements to droplets on camera in both VR and non-VR.

Corrected an issue in VR where driving lines would disappear if camera view was changed during race. 

Corrected an issue where Dedicated Server lobby vehicle images weren’t updated correctly during multiclass selection.

Improved an Online Lobby issue where players were able to select a vehicle before info was fully set.

Polished the missing background for ‘return to position’ messages in VR.

Corrected AI behaving erratically leading to a crash to desktop.

Resolved a save fail if ‘my documents’ folder is set to a network location.


Fix for the sun flares in the rear view mirror that could cause corruption on PS4.

Fixed a number of PS4 specific crashes.

Fixed a possible application error when creating a new career.

Fixed a crash when jumping straight to custom race from boot.

Fixed an issue where a higher rank would be awarded to the driver with negative points in an online championship if the host adjusted the points.

Added functionality to be able to highlight specific friend in the friends list dialogue.


Updated menu deadzone width for XB1 wheels, updated spring force for menus to remove unnecessary vibrations on deadzone boundary.

Solution for XB1 wheels having very noticeable and harsh FFB deadzone in menus.

Removed a white square being displayed in place of player's avatar on consoles.

User Interface

Corrected an inconsistency between info on the Track Select screen and the Loading screen.

Fixed the Password Protected Lobby icon that was missing on the Lobby Details screen.

Corrected some display unit values not changing when switching between metric and imperial units.

Solved incorrect message when entering an invalid password.

Improved Session and Race settings not updating in Online Championship rounds if the user applies a Motorsport Preset, thereby adding a round to the schedule.

Added name of tyres on the car within the pre-race menu.

Added message for when ‘ghosts’ and times are not uploaded due to invalid car-and-track combinations.

Fixed 'Rules & Regulations' and 'Esports' settings being altered if user selected 'Reset to Default' in the 'Realism Settings'.

Resolved changes of Helmet Camera settings not saving properly via the Pause Menu Options.

Removed green screen appearing for a second when skipping the Career path intro movie.

Fix for an issue where the pit strategies full message would not appear when trying to save a pit strategy with no available slots.

Added a notification for the lobby admin/host when a player rejects Director or Broadcaster roles.

Adjusted location of important penalty messages on the HUD, and enabled them even when the HUD is Off.

Fix for correctly displaying the finishing status of players and AI that do not finish the race or retire early.

Corrected an issue where user was unable to see which setup was being selected in Tuning Setups with HDR Enabled.

Improved progress bars in Pedal Calibration to more accurately represent pedal input.

Corrected image for Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS wheel in Controller Settings.

Added help text for Menu Spring Strength.

Corrected an issue where changing track would not remove invalid weather.

Resolved debug text appearing in S1, S2, and S3 columns of the In-Progress screen when the player selects 'Retire and Spectate'.

Fixed Manufacturer Events showing incorrect progress for unlocked manufacturers when creating a new career.

Resolved the Player not being able to determine their grid position when using the IndyCar Motorsport Preset.

Corrected the 'Restart Session' button being highlighted by default instead of 'Continue' on Session Results screens.

Changed Rear View Mirror to disable dynamic scaling. 

Resolved incorrect ordering after altering the Standings in Online Championships.

Resolved changes not being reflected when re-editing a Created Event.

Fixed an issue where player would sustain damage in the pit lane, but it would not appear on the HUD damage element.

Resolved 4th position missing in Standings Panel when on the grid during countdown sequence.

Fix for Team tab being disabled on Round Results screen of Online Championship.

Fixed Director and Broadcaster screens not showing all participants data in Online Championships.

Added a central cockpit camera to cars and the options screen.

Corrected an issue where Online Lobbies were not sorted in lobby browser when a player altered the sort order of a certain column more than twice.

Removed the 'Edit' option in Online Championships Lobby for options that cannot be edited.

Refined an issue where Rounds in Online Championships Schedule were selectable after they had been completed.

Improved lighting to some objects in car thumbnails.

Corrected Tuning setups saving issues.

Improved the menu flow in Online Championships to prevent accidental return to Main Menu when pressing the back button during countdown on lobby screen.

Adjusted an issue where, in Russian, the capital K and Y letters were showing as lower case in the driver profile.

Corrected an issue where an incorrect detailed view of a car would be shown in Vehicle Select.

Corrected an issue where the player is unable to change the number of laps within a lobby screen.


Audi R8 LMS, and R8 LMS 24H: improved LOD popping issue at the rear of the cars.

Honda 2&4: corrected glass HUD blurring with road behind the glass.


Bannochbrae: fixed collision issues in the pit lane / pit area with larger sized cars.

Catalunya Rallycross: removed Joker Lap exploit.

Dubai Autodrome Club: corrected incorrect track length.

Indianapolis: changed the position of pit exit-line objects, and resolved an issue where the car could avoid the pit-out trigger.

Lydden Hill: fixed a hole in collision mesh that caused players to lose control when hitting a dip in the road.

Spa Francorchamps: polished the pits to stop rain and snow falling in garages.

Resolved issue where, after race is restarted, advertisement boards failed to disappear and remained on-track after being knocked about.


Added a new Opposite Lock Assist for gamepads and keyboards. This is designed to help the player control oversteer and slides, and can be toggled On or Off in the Gameplay screen in Options.

BMW 1M: Improved FFB scale.

Ferrari 333SP: small balance of performance changes to fit with other LMP900 cars. Fixed final drive ratios and improved AI gear usage.

Ford Falcon V8SC: shifted aero drag balance rearward, fixed rear wing yaw effect, re-balanced adhesive and ‘rip grip’ for slick tyre compounds.

Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift: improvement to cars’ handling based on Vaughn Gitten Jr.'s feedback.

Formula A: reduced fuel tank capacity to a more reasonable level.

Formula Cars: decreased sensitivity to aero and suspension damage.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3: slight drag decrease to hit known top speeds with low rear wing.

Ligier Judd LMP2 and RWD P20: better engine cooling adjustments after HP changes.

Lotus 38 and Lotus 56: increased speed on ovals.

Nissan GTR GT3: small increase in power to 525hp.

Porsche 911 GT3 R: revised suspension geometry and setup from new reference material. Re-calculated chassis moments of inertia.

IndyCar & Ford Fusion: increased AI tyre wear to better match player on ovals, making pitting and strategy similar.

Group C and IMSA GTP: increased engine rotational inertia, new tyre carcass, and re-balance of adhesive vs ‘rip grip’. Bump Stop lengths also reviewed, as was lift:drag ratio on all cars. Fuel consumptions also addressed.

GT3 Soft Slicks: tweaks to temperature operating window to broaden their range, mainly fixing their poor performance in cold conditions.

Added 5 litres to fuel capacity to Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3, Porsche 911 GT3, and BMW Z4 GT3. This ensures they can do a 90-minute race/fuel-run with the rest of the GT3 cars.

Fine-tuned fuel estimates for LMP1, GT3, GT4, and turbo cars.

Altered side- and push-drafting.

Corrected differing amounts of fuel between players in Fixed Setup races.

Adjustments made to reduce in-air negative tilt of some vehicles.

Increased rain tyre heating for player cars.

Reduced base wear on slick-based rain tyres.


Driver helmet now correctly shown in Helmet View camera.

Improved an issue where changing track in Multiplayer to one with a smaller grid size limited entry to the lobby, causing some players to spawn under the track.

Adjusted ambiguous spotter logic calculating probabilities remaining to take Joker Lap in RX.

Corrected the player having control of the car before the 'manual control' handover at the start of Formation Laps. 

Fix for Player not automatically getting correct tyres when pitting on default pit strategy.

Turned headlights off when the car is in a ghosted state.

Improved formation laps: leader now slows down earlier in order to allow the rest of the field to catch up during the the switch from Formation Lap to Rolling Start.

All vehicles are now permitted to use Kart tracks for Private Testing.

Resolved an exploit for Tuning Setups being applied to fixed setup Community Events.

Fixed the Lotus 38 and Lotus 56 being slow at Indy Oval.

Tuning of cut track ‘tweakers’ following Update 3 feedback. This now reduces the amount of calculated slow down time required following track limit breaches.

Improved an issue where the AI, taking over control of the car when setting the 'Swap Driver' option to ON in the ICM, would not pit.

Corrected the Pit Stop Estimate time not being calculated for RX cars.

Added Sampala track to Private Testing mode.

Fix for player not joining a lobby when accepting an invite whilst on Esports screen.

Removed penalties accrued by player due to others retiring and spectating during the formation lap.

Corrected car stalling whilst being held in pit box due to other cars passing, despite clutch pedal being pressed.

Fix for 'Invite Only' trophy unlocking after DLC installed and a new Career started.

Added pit speed limiter to cars from which it was previously missing.

Corrected issue where left-sided pitstops were causing parts of the vehicle chassis to flip.

Corrected an issue where Livetrack and weather was not correctly syncing across online races.

Improvements to the cut-track penalty system now takes into account crashed, pitted, and other class opponents in timed races.

Fixed an issue where pit crew would freeze during a fuel-only pitstop.

Polished an audio issue where pit-crew animations and sounds were not in sync on shorter pit-stops.

Corrected an issue where points were not being awarded to each class in a multiclass race for fastest qualifying lap.

Stability improvement when crossing the finish line in multiplayer races.


Brands Hatch GP: slowed AI lap times by about 2 seconds based on player feedback.

Catalunya GP and Catalunya National: improved AI alternate start lines to improve their race starts.

Daytona Road Circuit: reduced AI speeds coming off the oval into Turn 1 and other general changes to improve lap performance. New AI alternate start line to improve first lap performance.

Dirtfish Mill Run: updated AI corridors.

Dubai International: new AI dry racing line for better consistency.

Hockenheim: new alternate AI start lines and AI improvements.

Indianapolis: added an alternate starting path for AI to improve rolling starts.

Le Mans: slowed the AI alternate start line in Ford Chicane as previously, cars were getting loose when the race went green on rolling starts.

Monza GP: new AI start line to clean-up race starts. New AI pit lane path to fix cars going off into the gravel after the chicane. General improvement to AI speeds through the lap to make them faster based on player feedback. Also improved AI setups for GT1 cars to fix them getting loose through the Parabolica.

Nurburgring GP: new AI alternate start line to improve race starts. Reduced AI speed in the Schumacher Esses, and increased entrance speed in the previous 180-degree corner.

Sakitto GP: new AI dry racing line for better consistency, and new alternate start line to improve race starts.

Snetterton: new alternate start line to improve race starts.

Texas Oval: resolved an issue where AI could hit the pit wall.

Watkins Glen: new AI line and alternate start line to improve AI competitiveness and general cornering behaviour.

Zhuhai: new AI racing line to improve pace and consistency.

Improved AI aggression.

Improved when AI use KERS/boosts as previously they weren’t using it on some straights when they should/could have.

Improved AI whilst passing slow cars, or when trying to give back positions.

Slow or lapped AI cars now allow more room for overtaking cars, improving multi-class racing and AI lapping / passing slow cars.

Corrected AI behaviour when pulling over due to damage.

Improved AI behaviour and speed on cool-down lap.

Improved AI mandatory pit stop logic to avoid too many stops in fluctuating weather conditions.

Improved AI rain speed, reduced their rolling drag with saturation, improved AI throttle application on corner exit and braking on corner entry in the rain to obtain better balance.

Improved AI path finding off-road.

Improved AI drivability at tighter tracks in the Ford Bronco ‘Brocky’.

Ford Fusion: given the AI the tallest final drive ratio at Daytona to fix them bouncing off the rev limiter while in the draft.


Corrected Controller/Wheel setups getting reset if control type is altered and game is restarted.

Madness Engine

Improved Livetrack 3.0 performance.

Refined a stuttering problem caused when vehicles take damage.

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