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News OutRun inspired racer 80’s Overdrive racing onto the 3DS


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Another retro-inspired racing title has emerged recently, this one, entitled 80's Overdrive, is very much based on the classic OutRun and will be releasing exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

The racer features two modes: Career (with 30+ events) and Time Attack, the development team are also looking to add a track editor should things all go to plan. Tracks are split into eight graphical themes which should help to keep the action fresh.

So far the three-man development team have confirmed at least eight cars will make it into 80's Overdrive with plans to add even more (time permitting). Vehicles can be upgraded in several areas to improve their acceleration, top speed and handling and the racer also features side missions which involve collecting relevant objects littered on the track.

Currently there are no plans for any multiplayer modes and we are still awaiting a release date announcement.

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Credit: NintendoEverything


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