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News One-person developed Switchcars comes to Steam Greenlight


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Switchcars is a mostly one-man developed side-scrolling action arcade driving game where your goal is to escape the clutches of the aliens. To do this you must drive and switch vehicles as fast as possible as they will run out of fuel, suffer flat tyres or you may simply just crash them.

You can have up to three vehicles at your disposal at any one time and switch between them instantly. The three years in the making game features an incredible 1000 vehicles in total covering land air and sea. You are tasked to drive 10 kilometers in just two minutes through the various environments which are generated procedurally based upon your actions.

To get a good feel for the action in Switchcars, check out the trailer below.

Al going well, Switchcars will release as an early access title sometime in Q1 of 2016 and will be available on Windows and Linux with the possibility of Mac support in the future. Prices have not be finalised yet but the dev team is aiming for around the $8-13 range and there may even be a demo prior to the early access launch.

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