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News New Top Gear trailer features the Ferrari 250GT TdF and Aston Martin Vulcan


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The new series of Top Gear AC (that's Top Gear After Clarkson) is nearly upon us, so expect to see plenty of promotional footage in the run-up to the first episode's yet-to-be-announced air date. Following the first trailer released last month, another trailer has been released that's equally short but sweet.  

Our latest look at the new Top Gear series once again focuses on Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc's automotive antics. It's worth noting the shot of the pair high fiving; seemingly responding to tabloid reports that they had fallen out.

We also get to see F1 commentator Eddie Jordon in his role as Top Gear co-host for the first time riding with Sharleen Spiteri (quite the unlikely pair, it has to be said). Interesting to see that celebrities appear to be involved in challenges outside the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment, as we also see Chris Evans attempt to kill Seasick Steve in a 4X4. 

Whatever your views on Top Gear's new presenter line-up may be, it's impossible not to salivate over the cars on display if you're a petrolhead: the trailer gives us a glimpse of the  Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta, a Dodge Viper ACR, Chevrolet Corvette, an Aston Martin Vulcan (driven by Chris Harris, no less, at the Abu Dhabi GP circuit), a Ford Mustang and a Jaguar F-Pace.

We also get to see these cars being hammered around some  photogenic locations, from a jaunt in the Maroaco sunshine to, er, a rainy day in Blackpool.

Clarkson, Hammond and May are now going down a different Amazon-funded path, but the footage we've seen so far suggests that new Top Gear will be business as usual: fast cars, stunning scenery and boyish banter. We'll find out if it can still retain the magic when Top Gear returns in late May.

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