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News Clarkson, Hammond and May still can’t decide what to call their new car show


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Last year came the bombshell that Clarkson, Hammond and May would be fronting a new show exclusively on Amazon Prime with a reported £160 million budget following their departure from the BBC. Meanwhile, Top Gear will live on in the hands of Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and an ensemble cast including Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris and Eddie Jordon.  

And yet we still don't have a name for the new Clarkson, Hammond and May show. At one point rumours were rife that the new show would be called "Gear Knobs," but Clarkson has since debunked that claim.

Capitilising on the mystery, Amazon have released a new video showing the team in a "brainstorming" session discussing name ideas for their new show. Typical of the trio, suggested names include "Tripod" [which May quickly pointed out means is "someone with an erection"], "selling England by the pound" and "a small puddle of excellence." Good to know the boys haven't lost their sense of humour that made Top Gear an international hit.

The "still very much untitled Clarkson, Hammond and May show" will premiere on Amazon prime this Autumn and has been commissioned for at least three series with 12 episodes each. In the mean time, Top Gear will return in its new format some time in May which was recently previewed in a teaser trailer

Do you have any ideas on what Clarkson, Hammond and May's new car show should be called?

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