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A new image of Gran Turismo Sport has emerged online which gives us a tantalising glimpse of Polyphony's latest offering in the long-running series.

The picture was taken by NeoGAF user Pophead who screen captured the GT Sport image via the recent Tokyo Auto Salon (an automotive show which, amongst other things, showcases auto-related games) stream (hence the poor quality) and can be seen below.

Late last year several concept art images came to light at Polyphony's annual Christmas party in their offices in Japan. Included in the batch was a picture of GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez who was playing a very early looking version of the Autopolis track, prompting its possible appearance in a future Gran Turismo title.

Currently very little is known about GT Sport, however as we approach ever closer to its release we'll no doubt see more and more pieces of the puzzle slowly emerge.

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