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News MotoGP ’15 wheelieing onto PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in June


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Game: MotoGP 2015

Platform: PC, PS4

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 24/06/2015

Turns out F1 2015 wasn't the only major racing game announcement today. With all the buzz surrounding Milestone's new bike racing IP Ride and their forthcoming rally IP Sebastien Loeb Rally, some have been left wondering if this new-found focus on unique ips was an indication that the Italian developer was abandoning licensed motorsports games altogether. Well, wonder no more, as Milestone has officially unveiled MotoGP '15, also due for release this June on PS4, Xbox One (MotoGP '14 famously failed to materialise on Xbox One due to time constraints, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Seriously, why do Milestone have a habit of colliding with other big name racing releases?

While this marks the MotoGP series' debut on Xbox One, it also marks the first time we won't be seeing MotoGP on Vita. It's a crying shame to see Sony scupper support for their portable powerhouse, particularly as Milestone was practically the only racing game developer still utilising the Vita. This could also be the last Milestone developed game released on last-gen platforms, since Sebastien Loeb Rally will only be digging its tyre treads into the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. 

MotoGP '15 will presumably include all the usual visual and physics improvements you would expect from an annual sequel, further harnessing the power of the new hardware. However, one of its biggest new innovations is its new in-depth rider customisation. 

Clearly taking its cues from Ride, players will be able to customise their bike, rider and team with more than 100 accessory items. Over 20 bike models across the MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ classes with 40 different liveries and colour schemes that can be adapted to your style will feature, and you'll also be able to kit out your rider with leathers to match your bike, buy boots and gloves and choose your rider's face. Your virtual rider will then be able to reside in one of three purchasable motorhomes (Basic, Mid-Range and Top-Range) – all of which can be bought with in-game credits earned offline and online.

Customisation will also play a key role in the new career mode: "After creating your rider you’ll start out racing as a Wild Card. Subsequently, you’ll be able to negotiate your future by signing with one of the Official Teams of the 2015 championship, or, through the various sponsors, racing with your own Private Team. Race performance influences team negotiations, so evaluating your objectives and how you plan to achieve them is more important than ever," the official announcement explains.

Completing the feature-set is the introduction of the new 'Beat the time' mode. Here, you are assigned a specific bike on a specific circuit, with the aim to beat previous records set by riders from the different classes using the same bike and track. 

Other new additions include the introduction of historical two-stroke bikes and of course all the teams, riders and bikes from the 2015 season. The Real Events mode first introduced in MotoGP '14 will also be returning, allowing you to relive memorable racing moments from last year's championship.

Coinciding with the announcement is a swanky debut trailer highlighting some of the new features you can expect in MotoGP '15. I have to say, it's a vast improvement on the announcement trailers we're normally treated to from Milestone where we normally only get to see fleeting glimpses of an unfinished track. No doubt the yet-to-be-released screenshots will try to entice us with close-ups of unfinished tarmac and grass textures.

What would you like to see from MotoGP '15? Pull a stoppie in the comments below.

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