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Game: MotoGP 2013

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 20/06/2013

As part of our comprehensive coverage of MotoGP '13, we're delving deep into the game exploring all of the available options at our disposal. 

We thought we'd take the opportunity to test out the various handilng setups that Milestone have implemented to suit players of various experience levels when it comes to bike games.

First up is a look at the Standard handling model. Think of it as like learning a bike with stabilisers, acting as a soft introduction to novice players: 

Next we have Semi-Pro which ups the ante by making the bike handle more realiscally. It feels noticabely looser and the rider shifts around more frequently. Put simply, this is likely to be the setting of choice for gamers and bike fans:

And then there's Pro. This is the full works with rider physics, indpendent rear and front brakes to contend with and delicate application of power and braking to balace the bike. It's safe to say you'll be falling off at every corner until you put in some serious practice:


All-in-all, we were left impressed with MotoGP '13's deep handling model that caters for players of all skill levels.

Stay tuned a look at some racing action coming up next on the channel. In the meantime, you can discuss MotoGP '13 in our dedicated forum thread. 

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