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News Mario Kart 8: Switch It! possibly leaked for Nintendo Switch


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Mario Kart 8 was a brilliant return to form for the podgy plumber, but the slow sales of the Wii U meant that not enough people got to experience it. Nintendo is hoping that will change with the launch of its multi-functional Switch console, which serves as both a traditional home console and a portable handheld. It's exactly the sort of quirky hardware we've come to expect from Nintendo, but whether it can replicate the success of the original Wii remains to be seen. 

Of course, we couldn't have the launch of a new Nintendo console without the inevitable release of a new Mario Kart game. The previous announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch showed what looked like a new entry in the Mario Kart series, or possibly an enhanced port of Mario Kart 8.

We were expecting to find out more in an upcoming reveal presentation from Nintendo on January 13th, which would most likely reveal the launch line-up for the Switch. However. the schedule of the presentation may have leaked, if a photo originally posted by IGN France is to be believed. 

Nintnedo Switch reveal presentation schedule

The photo has since been taken down, but it quite clearly lists a new game under the name of Mario Kart 8: Switch It! due to release on March 17th, which could end up being the launch date for the Switch console. 

Judging by the name, Mario Kart 8: Switch It! will incorporate the features of the previous Wii U version with new functions to show off the abilities of the Switch. Prior to this, a box art image reportedly found on EB Games Austrlia site touted new features in Mario Kart 8: Switch It! including 24 new tracks and the return of Battle mode, but they turned out to be fake. That's all we know for now, but we'll have the official word on January 13th at Nintendo's presentation. 

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