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News Mario Kart 8 races past 5 million milestone


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Nintendo recently revealed its annual financial results which brought in profits above their expectations. Along with the results came some other pieces of information including sales figures. Nintendo announced that the latest version of their long-running flagship kart racer, Mario Kart 8, has passed the five million sales milestone.

Mario Kart 8 becomes the top selling game on the Nintendo Wii U system with 5.11 million units sold which beats second placed Nintendo Land by over a quarter of a million, in third place is Super Mario 3D World with a little over 4 million units shifted.

Mario Kart 8 was updated to version 4.1 earlier this month which automatically unlocked the 200cc difficulty mode. This saved players from having to achieve gold in all of the racing cups in all classes as was previously the case. The update also brought with it the introduction of the 150cc mirror mode option.

Which is your favourite Mario Kart?

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