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News Mario Kart 8’s 4.1 update immediately unlocks 200cc mode


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Mario Kart 8 has been updated to version 4.1 which now automatically unlocks the 200cc difficulty mode immediately instead of making you work for it by achieving gold in all the racing cups in all classes as before.

This means that those who wanted to try out the new 200cc mode, but couldn't achieve the necessary conditions to unlock it, can now access the new difficulty mode from the off. You can see the difference between the previous fastest 150cc mode alongside the new 200cc mode in the video below.

As an added bonus the 4.1 update also sees the introduction of the 150cc mirror mode option, which can be accessed through the Grand Prix menu. The new 4.1 update will download automatically the next time you boot up Mario Kart 8.

For more details on last week's update which brought to the game a host of new features including new courses, new characters, the 200cc mode and more check out this link. Isn't Mario Kart 8 just the cutest racer you've ever seen?

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