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News Lotus F1 team owner becomes ‘strategic partner’ to Ruf


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In a shock announcement, the investment firm Genii Capital has announced it's become a shareholder and 'strategic partner' to the German car company Ruf.

Whilst the full extent of this partnership with Ruf is yet to be known, given Gerard Lopez – the chairman of Genii and the Lotus F1 team – is now a non-executive member of the Ruf board, it's safe to assume Genii's involvement goes pretty deep.

It's also been suggested that, on the back of Genii becoming a shareholder and key partner, the future looks pretty eventful for Ruf, with hints that new cars may be entering the Ruf lineup.

In the official statement, newly-appointed non-executive chairman Lopez stated "the Geneva Motor Show will be especially exciting this year”, which – given it's one of the biggest events on the motoring calender, and a place where many manufacturers decide to unveil their new cars or announce new concepts – hints that Ruf certainly has something special in store for next month's Geneva Motor Show.

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