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Codemasters has released the second video in their series of developer diaries for F1 2018

The latest video showcases the improved research and development options which are a part of Codemasters' efforts to add further depth to their officially licensed Formula 1 series.

F1 2018's career mode will now feature significant rule changes between seasons which can have a real effect on which teams will be competing for the top spots for the upcoming season. You can view the improvements and new features for yourself in the video below.

We already had an extensive R&D system in last year’s game but wanted to expand this for F1 2018 based both on feedback from our community and where we want to take the Career experience too,” stated Lee Mather, Game Director, F1 2018. “We have made significant changes to the in-game pricing structure, added ERS upgrades, given each of the Formula 1 Teams their own unique R&D tree, and added a fog of war around the development."

Probably the most significant addition is the introduction of rule changes, meaning that each season you don't know where the other teams are going to be performance wise. It makes every year unique and drives you to want to do season after season.” Lee continued. “The player will be notified by their engineer that a rule change could be taking place at the end of the year and they can choose to use R&D points to preserve upgraded items to protect areas that have already been developed. Doing so could see the player starting the following season in a stronger position. However, the other teams will also have to contend with the rules changes, meaning you take to the grid in Melbourne not knowing which teams are the fastest.”

F1 2018 features all the official teams, drivers and all 21 circuits of the 2018 season. You can also expect no less than 20 iconic classic cars including James Hunt’s 1976 championship winning McLaren M23D and Niki Lauda’s Ferrari 312 T2.

F1 2018 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide on August 24.

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