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News Here’s what Slightly Mad Studios’ console might look like


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Slightly Mad Studios (Project CARSNeed for Speed Shift) CEO Ian Bell has shared a couple of images teasing the potential look of the recently announced “Mad Box” console.

I say the potential look as it was confirmed just the other day that early design builds are expected to be revealed in the next four to six weeks – this could simply be one of many early prototypes, check it out for yourself below.

Still, the design looks ultra modern and very slick, however, its vertical posture puts it more in line with a PC and less so with a traditional console in a visual sense. Possibly taking cues from the original Xbox, the most striking feature of this Mad Box concept is the large “m” fashioned from strip lights which gives it unique presence.

The Slightly Mad Studios motif is also conspicuously emblazoned on one side of the console matching the colour of the “m”, naturally.

The internal components of the machine have been blurred as the team are still in the negotiation phase according to Bell. The Slightly Mad CEO has also confirmed the console has a “one press deployable carry handle, between the ‘m’s“, it weighs “very little“, and it will “talk to other Mad Boxes without cables“.

The “Mad Box” was revealed by Bell via a tweet earlier in the week, Bell confirmed it will be “the most powerful console ever built” and will support 4K, VR at 60 frames per second, and developers will gain access to a full engine free of charge.

Speaking with Variety, Bell also confirmed the console will ship in “around three years” and that it will “be a console as is the Xbox or PlayStation“. The upcoming console will support most major VR headsets and the console’s specs will be equivalent to “a very fast PC 2 years from now“.

Slightly Mad Studios are still in early talks with manufacturers of components and have confirmed they have the “designs specced out in detail“. Early design builds are expected to be revealed in four to six weeks, but judging by these recent image reveals, we may not have to wait that long. The console itself is set to launch in around three and a half years from now and will go up against the PlayStation 5 and next-gen Xbox.

What do you make of the new images? Let us know below.


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2 years ago

Seems all a bit vague to be taken seriously. Surely they can’t be thinking of entering the console space. As in, compete with established companies who have a host of first-party studios developing exclusives for them? While SMS has to work with Bandai Namco to get their own games published. However, on the PC side it does make a little more sense. If they were to put together a cost-effective PC system, it could help create some sort of standard/yardstick in the market. Something that could lessen the barrier to entry of PC gaming, that is the endless choices/numbers/options that… Read more »

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