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News Gran Turismo 6 GT Academy 2013 Nissan Leaf gameplay videos


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Game: Gran Turismo 6

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/12/2013

This week the Team VVV YouTube channel has had something of a Gran Turismo frenzy as we got our first look at Gran Turismo 6 with the GT Academy 2013 demo. 

Spanning several events covering a wide range of tracks and Nissans, the first two stages take you through the Sunday Cup, an event that should be familiar to GT veterans. As is tradition, the Sunday Cup acts as a gentle introduction to the world of Gran Turismo with races in slow hatchbacks – in this case a Nissan Leaf. 

While not exactly the fastest car in the world, its slower pace allows you to aclimatise to GT6's new physics engine. 

Our first commentated runs take you on a slow motion run through Autumn Ring and Suzuka as Alan provides his observations.



What are your thoughts on the GT Academy demo so far? Discuss in our forum thread.  

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