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“If there’s one thing every racing game should have its freedom, and that is exactly what Forza Horizon has. I went back to Forza Horizon after a long few months and became instantly drawn back into the freedom that this game gives you. This video began with me just casually cruising around the mountain tops just for a relaxing day of open roads and beautiful horizons.

“A short while into my cruise I was passed by an A.I. driving a Ferrari FXX who joined me for an adventurous cruise down the mountains and along the way we swept through traffic at amazing speeds seamlessly in sync.

“It all came to an end when the A.I. misjudged a corner and spun out but, as that happened, I realized, ‘Wow I just had an epic an unexpected unplanned adventure with an A.I. in a game…’ That is why I love Forza Horizon because of that freedom and waiting for the expected journeys that always arise at any moment.”


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