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Alan Boiston

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Popular retro gaming YouTube channel Game Sack focused their latest video on the field of vehicular combat. A long running and varied genre, this video features some old favourites including Twisted Metal of which I particularly enjoyed the two-player mode of World Tour despite the shoddy graphics. 

Though a particular highlight is Rock’n Roll racing, also featured in the video but possibly not given the credit it deserves, back at release this game really was something special, two player option was tremendously addictive despite the low frame rate in this mode. As rightly noted the SNES version was superior, a cracking game with a great soundtrack for its time, this is a title that would benefit immensely from an HD remake.

Talking of HD remakes, the Wipeout franchise was also highlighted, though given Dave’s play on display I could see the superior handling of the original game didn’t click with him. It did require a lot of play to initially understand and you’ll see in our retro look back at Wipeout 1, but it was by far the superior handling model. Now cut back to the modern Wipeout Omega and despite the superb graphics, the handling is disappointing, that’s something I will look at in more detail on a future video. 

But despite few highlights, there are many titles in this genre to explore, from the recent conversion of Gas Guzzlers Extreme to Road Rash, Blur to Split Second, Road Blasters to the upcoming Grip, the list goes on and on.  You can check out their video below. 

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