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News Ferrari to retain pull-rod suspension for 2013


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Even though some experts in the field and nearly every team in the sport reckon it's a lost cause, Ferrari has confirmed it's remaining faithful to the pull-rod suspension setup it used on last year's F2012 F1 car.

Speaking to Germany's Auto Motor Und Sport magazine, chief technical officer announced that there were enough benefits to using the radical system on next year's title challenger.

In the interview, Fry declared that "you get get a little aerodynamic advantage" from using the pull-rod setup over the push-rod system that every other team in the sport is expected to use, as well as marginally lowering the centre of gravity. Fry also claims his team has solved the structural issues that revolve around using pull-rod geometry as well.

"When we talked about it for the first time, the first reaction was 'This is crazy'. But if you weigh up all the pros and cons, it's not so stupid,"

There are a few downsides to pull-rod suspension setups, though, with the main criticism being that it restricts the mechanic's ability to adjust various components on the front of the car. However, Fry reckons the set-up will "evolve" and, as a result, these issues will be at least partly rectified. Indeed, Fry seems to be confident that the pace of this year's Ferrari will convince the sceptics of the pull-rod system.

""We will build on it, but it will look different. I would not be surprised if some others follow suit".


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