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News F1 Esport: Mercedes triumph in a closely fought second round of the Pro Series


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Following the incredible excitement generated at the end of the first round of 2018, F1 Esports is taking the anticipation to a whole new level, and with the competition so close it still feels like the championship could go either way.

Round 4 would take place at Paul Ricard, great action throughout the field but yet again it was Brendon Leigh (Mercedes AMG Petronas Esports) vs Frederik Rasmussen (Torro Rosso) and with two laps to go, Rasmussen made a move on Leigh down the back straight, a slight touch of wheel at the chicane, the two cars remained side by side for several corners before contact between Leigh’s side pod and Rasmussen’s front right wheel. This sending the Torro Rosso off the track and knocking Rasmussen down to 3rd place with his teammate Patrik Holzmann taking 2nd, while Leigh went on to take the victory.

Following the race, Leigh was demoted to 6th place with a 5 second time penalty but was reinstated to 1st after an appeal that earlier contact should be weighted against any penalty. Leigh got away with this one, it was inconclusive judgement by the stewards to connect unrelated incidents, this now creates a precedence for future situations where similar contact can occur. Round 4 race classification below.

Round 5 takes place at Silverstone, the home of Formula 1. On a grey overcast day it was an authentic setting without the blustery conditions, and again the Mercedes AMG Petronas Esports drivers qualify strongly but it was the Hype Energy eForce India of Fabrizio Donoso Delgado that took the lead followed by a surprisingly early pit stop. Unfortunately entering the pits too fast a time penalty was awarded and this taking him out of the running for the podium positions. Yet again the race for victory would be against Brendon Leigh (Mercedes AMG Petronas Esports) and Frederik Rasmussen (Torro Rosso), Leigh going long on his first set of tyres to give himself a better chance on fresher tyres at the end of the race. With all of the pit stops done Rasmussen was leading with Leigh in 2nd. Rasmussen eventually going wide in Beckets, this giving Leigh a run down the Hanger Straight. Surprisingly Rasmussen failed to defend the inside line, this giving Leigh a clear run on the inside to Stowe and simply running Rasmussen out of road. Leigh taking the victory with Rasmussen in 2nd and Hype Energy eForce India’s Marcel Kiefer taking the final step of the podium. Round 5 race classification below.

Round 6 took place at Spa, arguably the best circuit on the F1 calendar and home to many of the classic and most memorable races. The F1 Esports race would be no different, with Bredon Leigh starting in 5th, the initial starting order was a little more mixed. Amazing action through the first couple of laps with the run to Les Combes seeing plenty of overtakes and wheel to wheel precision as the drivers pushed for position. Daniel Bereznay (Mercedes AMG Petronas Esports) starting from pole and comfortable in the lead, while the action behind was furious with tyres a key factor here. Following the pit stops a thrilling battle saw Joni Tormala finally move into second place for the RedBull team, while Brendon Leigh and Frederik Rasmussen yet again found themselves battling on the same piece of tarmac, this time it was for the final podium position. The final lap was wheel to wheel with a stream of 5 cars in with a chance of that final podium place. Leigh making a move on the bus stop chicane on the final lap, but unable to pass and eventually losing out to Rasmussen taking 3rd and Salih Saltunc (Sauber F1 Esports Team) also managing to pass on the final straight taking 4th leaving Leigh in 5th.

You can discuss F1 Esports in more detail in our dedicated forum thread and check out the key highlights from the video below. We’ll have more news and reflection to follow in the coming days.


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