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News F1 2016 will have “new and exciting features”


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Game: F1 2016

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 19/08/2016

As this year's Formula One championship comes to a close this month, Codemasters has confirmed that the majority of the of the team are now hard at work developing F1 2016.

The news isn't exactly surprising (particularly for yearly development cycles), but a Codemasters blog has teased that F1 2016 will bring "new and exciting features, including a couple of must-haves which we know are important to you." What could these must-have features be? Let the speculation begin! A more complete career mode would be a good starting point. 

"We are also looking to do something we’ve never done before, or, certainly not to this extent…" the blog continutes. "We’re looking to get you guys really engaged and involved in helping to shape the game, and it’ll be really exciting to see how many of you would be interested in getting involved and offering your feedback." This process will possibly include internal testing early next year amd inviting fans to meet the team to provide early feedback.

"Beyond F1 2016, we’re also looking at ways in which we can get you more involved in the shaping of the series’ future from the very beginnings of the design phase too, before the features have to be locked down."

In other words, we wouldn't be surprised to see Codemasters take F1 2016 down the Steal Early Access route, particularly after the success of DiRT Rally which is coming on in leaps and bounds. 

In the meantime, F1 2015 has received another PC patch update in response to fan feedback, which adds a new multiplayer session list to allow you to search for all public sessions, along withwith improvements to the multiplayer, AI and game fixes, a new 'sports update' which adjusts drivers and team performance in relation to the results of this year's season and numerous high end PC enhancements.

The fixes outlined in the PC patch will also arrive on consoles soon, with the exception of additional multiplayer session list for Xbox One, but Codemasters are still looking to improve the existing system for Xbox One players. 

Our experience with F1 2015 on PC left a lot to be desired to say the least, especially considering Codemasters' usually excellent track record with PC gaming optimisation, so let's hope the patch improves the experience considerably. No doubt Alan will be finding out if the patch has made any difference on the TeamVVV Test Rig. 

Here's a list of changes added to the latest F1 2016 PC patch. Let us know your experiences with the update and what you're hoping to see in F1 2016.


Added a session list screen which is available via the Multiplayer menu. This screen will allow players to search for all public sessions and join the one they want to. Custom and Hopper sessions will be visible on this list.

Added additional information to lobbies so players can see how much progress has been made in the current session.

Fixed an issue that would cause a players car to always be ghosted during timed qualifying sessions.

Fixed a bug that meant connections with limited upload bandwidth would appear laggy while on track and eventually disconnect.

Cars will no longer ghost when driving too slowly on track.

Minor hopper improvements and changes

Removed the AI from all hoppers.

Made the countdown timer longer and prevented it from starting for a short time if there are not many players in the session to try to allow more people to join.

Updated the Feature Race to Brazil.

Removed the incorrect second DRS detection zone from the Mexico mini map. This was not present in the actual track data.

The player is now correctly disqualified for not using both compounds in a dry weather race.

AI will no longer all leave the garage at the same time.

AI will always do two runs in Short Qualifying and Q3.

Fixed the flashing rear tyre issue present on some PC setups.

Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause OSD messages to remain on screen or to never display. This was mostly reported online but can be seen offline too.

Fixed a problem that could cause unrealistic lap times in practice and qualifying.

Sports Updates – Part 1

Adjusted the relative performance of the teams and drivers based on the season’s results so far.

High End PC Enhancements

New CPU-driven particle effects to improve visual quality on systems with high-end CPUs. Select “high” or “ultra” particle effects from the options menu.

Improved CPU performance for users with 6 and 8+ cores.

Optimised performance for Intel integrated graphics chips.


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