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News F-Zero inspired Acro Storm Greenlit, possible demo coming


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The F-Zero inspired racer Acro Storm, developed by indie studio Blue Comet Games, has been “Greenlit” on Steam.

This means we could see an early access version of the title very soon on Steam. Currently the development team are trying to release a demo for the game which, if possible, should arrive in the next couple of weeks or so.

Acro Storm is currently being developed for the PC and Wii U and is probably best described as a futuristic sci-fi racer complete with powerups. 16 tracks are planned for the title which range from jungle planets to the vacuum of space. You can view an early version of the “Treen Port” track in the newly released gameplay video below.

Acro Storm features 12 characters each with their own unique storyline to keep things interesting. Your hoverbikes can be customised with upgraded engines and headframes and the game has a focus on online play with direct messaging services and the ability to form racing clans.

We'll keep you updated on all things Acro Storm as soon as we know more.

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