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News Extreme Gear Demolition Arena brings Destruction Derby to mobiles


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I doubt I'm the only one with fond memories of the Destruction Derby series and its brand of no rules racing and vehiclar carnage. Given its legacy, it's surprising that there haven't been more games that let you smash your opponents into submission in recent years. Looking to fill the void, car combat game Extreme Gear Demolition Arena has come crashing onto iOS and Android from French developer Zero Games.

Like the old Destruction Derby games, Extreme Gear Demolition Arena lets you wreak havoc in a variety of arenas, which sport some pretty elaborate designs – one even takes place on an aircraft carrier. 

Visually, Extreme Gear Demolition Arena pales in comparison to other racing games available on mobiles, but judging from the trailer it's got it where it counts: destruction. Crashes look suitably over the top when you're dishing out damage to your opponents, while the damage modelling looks impressive for a mobile game allowing you to bend bodywork, lose wheels and cause mechanical damage to the engine and gearbox.  

Extreme Gear Demolition Arena also features car customisation, with options to customise paint, sponsors and performance tuning plus online leaderboards.

Extreme Gear Demolition Arena is currently available for free on iOS and Android, albeit with optional in-app purchases. The developer promises that future updates will include additional content such as new cars, arenas and game modes.


Does Extreme Gear Demolition Arena satisfy your appetite for destruction?

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