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News EA confirms Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted with first screenshot


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It's finally official: after endless speculation, EA have finally confirmed that Need for Speed: Most Wanted will indeed be featured at E3 next week and that Criterion is the developer. 

Okay, so we already knew all that from last week's leak. However, we now know that a video demonstration is promised during the EA conference on June 4th, but for now we can ponder over the first promotional screenshot:

It's certainly a familiar sight, as a BMW M3 charges through a roadblock full of souped up police cars, including a Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Explorer Police Interceptor, reaffirming the original Most Wanted's penchant for gritty urban high speed police chases. Unlike the original Most Wanted's cover car, this modern iteration seems to have ditched the street racing bodykits that were a big part of the original Most Wanted, so we'll have to see if modding will be available in the final game. 

The box art has also been revealed, depicting an Aston Martin DBS and Porsche Carrera S, which will presumably be in the final game:

All we now need is the confirmation that Most Wanted will be an open world racer – roll on E3.

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