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News DriveClub owners to be compensated with free DLC, update to add photo mode and free tracks next week


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

DriveClub's disastrous launch has already been documented in detail. But over a month since its release, it's surprising to see that it still isn't working as advertised, with flaky online multiplayer connectivity still plaguing the experience, while the Challenges mode is still inaccessible. As time has passed, some disgruntled players have been demanding compensation, but Evolution has remained silent on the situation over the past few weeks while the team continues to work overtime on resolving the long-standing issues. 

However, the latest update on FaceBook reveals that several free premium DLC packages will be offered to anyone who purchased the game. Released on November 25th in the US, November 26th in Europe and November 27th in Japan, The Ignition Expansion Pack and Photo-Finish Tour Pack will add five new cars along with two livery packs, 22 new tour events, 10 new trophies and 10 new livery items to play with online and offline.

Furthermore, the season pass will be extended to offer four additional packs in July 2015, meaning that, in addition to the aforementioned free packs, it will still include 38 cars, 176 tour events and 80 unique liveries.

A new game update is also scheduled for next Tuesday which will bring a host of new features, including the much-anticipated photo mode, along with the following commonly-requested enhancements:

• Adjustments to soften the corner cutting penalty system 

• A fix to allow all club owners to update their club badges

A selection of new tracks will also be added for free in the update, available both online and offline and also playable in reverse:

• India – Yedepalli

• Chile – Los Pelambres

There's still no word on when we can expect the postponed free PS Plus Edition of DriveClub, but Evolution state they are "continually working on improving the server capacity to enable us to launch the PS Plus Edition as quickly as possible."

Question is, has the damage already been done? Sony now face an uphill struggle to effectively relaunch the title, as its server issues will have driven many away, potentially scuppering its chances to build a long-lasting community. 

Nevertheless, this is still a welcome gesture after all the disruption as Evolution attempt to rebuild bridges with their consumers. I'm also glad to see that the penalty systems are being revised, since this was one of my main gripes with the game, although it's not clear if it will apply to collisions as well as corner cutting.

Are you happy with being offered free DLC as compensation? Let us know in the comments below.

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