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News DiRT Rally 2.0 confirmed in new trailer, coming 2019


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Game: Dirt Rally

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 07/12/2015

Following the recent murmurings, and rumors, I’m happy to report that DiRT Rally 2.0 is confirmed for release next year, February 26, across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

The reveal came courtesy of a teaser trailer which showcases some rally and rallycross action, see for yourself below.

DiRT Rally 2.0 features the following six rally locations: New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia, and USA. The title, due next year, also features eight official circuits from the FIA World Rallycross championship, complete with licensed Supercars and support series.

DiRT Rally 2.0 also boasts a new authentic handling model and surface deformation, a single-player campaign (of course), and a “competitive online environment”.

That’s about all we know right now, we’ll keep you updated on further details as soon as we know more. Be sure to voice your thoughts in the comment section.

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5 years ago

@Ninja-Badger Yes the first one felt the same to me. Normal when i play a game i am still happy to play on it 9 months later if the dlc keeps coming “sadly Dirt Rally did not do this for me” Since i was one of the many to get it from early day release i was bit sick of it when it was offical released only came back once or twice when i was bored with other games. Rally event dlc would be great idea could use the ERC or events from around the world even if it was… Read more »

5 years ago

My biggest issue with Dirt Rally was the lack of rally stages (to the point I only play it once in a while so the stages are still, relatively, “fresh” to me). But “I want more” usually means a game is at least on the right track. I was hoping for Dirt Rally to be a platform that was added to over time (with more stages and cars). To be a standalone game that grew with expansions, as assets are made for new games. The “2.0” in the title had my hopes up that it was a “version 2.0” that,… Read more »

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