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News Details on the The Crew’s upcoming major patch released


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

Details on The Crew's upcoming patch, due out before the end of the month, have been revealed.

Perhaps the most exciting addition of the upcoming major patch are the new motorbike-only stunt races where you are tasked to race on obstacle filled routes racing against the clock while negotiating a number of ramps along the way.

Sticking with the two-wheeled theme, off road motorbikes will gain the ability to perform slides and in general all of the motorbikes in The Crew will have their handling tweaked to achieve a better balance. Motorbikes will also see an increase in performance too bringing them in line with the cars.

Elsewhere the new update will see new qualifier events addded for the upcoming monthly summit, drift spec cars will be easier then ever to drive thanks to some adjustments and the Pagani Zonda will be gaining a circuit spec variation.

To see the full list of new features and changes check out the chagelog below.

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The Crew April update changelog


Camera mode 

More details will be shared very soon.

Freedrive challenge – Save and share 

More information can be found in our dedicated news.

Summit Stunt race missions 

You can find all the details about the Stunt races here!




Miami Downtown Tour – Perf


New Raid stunt race in the Grand Canyon

New Drift challenge in the West




Motorbikes have been globally tuned to achieve more balanced handling and performance, in line with cars.

Drift spec 



Tuning of the suspensions for the Circuit spec in order to reduce the scraping.

New vehicle spec 

Pad changes on PC

This will allow dinput pads to be properly recognized.

Important note: Please note that when using a dinput pad, you must select the “Pad” option in the controller type in order to be able to access the “Camera Mode” feature available on the smartphone.


Fixed the issue that was preventing some players from using nitro when switching to manual.

Fixed the lighting issue of the BMW M4 dashboard for the Perf and FS specs.

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