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News Stunt races are coming to The Crew Wild Run


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

The ever-expanding world of The Crew continues to evolve, as Ivory Tower have announced that Stunt Races will be coming to the racing MMO in an upcoming update.

Stunt races will features as part of the Wild Run Expansion's monthly Summit competition exclusive to road and dirt bikes. The aim will be to rack up points performing jumps, 360°s, back and front flips on your bike against the clock using ramps located on the map. There’s no time limit to reach a new ramp, but you can only score points when the timer is on.

No time frame has been given on when we can expect to see stunt races in The Crew, but Ivory Tower says they will be coming "very soon."

Meanwhile, an update was recently released for The Crew Wild Run improving a number of aspects. Freedrive challenges can now be played alone without having to invite other players to join your crew, along with improvements to the "Look For Crew" feature and new options for the photo mode. You can find a full list of patch notes below.


Simplified Look for Crew feature 

  • The “Look for Crew” feature has been simplified. It will now be performing a general search across all game modes, instead of the current one entry per game mode. 
  • The Crew owners will now also have access to this queue system.

Freedrive challenge – Solo mode 

  • On top of inviting their friends and other players, after creating a “Freedrive Challenge” race players will now also be able to launch and play it alone.

Freedrive challenge – Speedtrap 

  • Players will have the possibility to create a “Freedrive challenge” track using the “Speedtrap” mode. 
  • When doing so, everyone will be able to decide where to position up to 5 speed traps on their chosen map. As with the classic “Freedrive challenge”, players will be able to launch them alone or with their friends.

Mercedes challenge 

  • A new mission has been added on the Sebring International Raceway. This mission is tied to an upcoming challenge. More details will be shared soon.

Improvements & new content

  • New Spec: BMW X6M is now available in Dirt spec. 
  • Summit: New events have been added to the upcoming Summits Qualifiers. 
  • Connection messages: New messages have been added to explain various connection issues or situations. These messages will replace some #error_codes. 

Photo mode improvements: 
The photo mode will be getting new options:

  • In-game name: you can now sign all your screens with your in-game name.
  • Additional frames have been added.
  • PC players will now be able to save their screenshots in higher quality. This will not depend on your hardware setting. The maximum resolution of the screens will be 4K.

Bug Fixes

  • Performing a double Awesome Misty Flip in the Summit Monster Event awarded an extremely high score.
  • Some fire trucks were black or white instead of being red.

Handling update Improved aerodynamics, better steering reactivity, improved counter steering, improved grip behavior, increased differences between Driving Help/Sport/Hardcore driving modes for:

  • MERCEDES-BENZ SLR MCLAREN 722 EDITION Full Stock / Perf / Circuit
  • MINI COOPER S COUNTRYMAN ALL4 Full Stock / Street / Perf / Dirt / Raid
  • VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG NF 2011 Full Stock / Dirt / Raid
  • CADILLAC ESCALADE Full Stock / Perf / Circuit / Dirt / Raid

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