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News Cruis’n Blast is the most bizarre game we’ve ever played


Kevin Dooley


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We were lucky enough to come across the coin-operated arcade racer Cruis'n Blast recently, and it might just be the most bizarre racing game we've ever played.

The first thing that struck us was the absence of a second pedal, Cruis'n Blast clearly want to keep things extremely simple with no braking needed (nor was there any gear stick for that matter).

Then it was time to select our “vehicle”, granted there was the usual array of supercars but, rather weirdly, the vehicle selection also included a bus, helicopter, cow and cart and even a triceratops, no really there's a entry from the Jurassic period here.

Naturally we love our brake horse power here at Team VVV, but with no horses available we opt for the not too dissimilar cow. We accelerate our cow and cart combo which does a wheelie, or whatever the bovine equivalent to a wheelie is. If that wasn't strange enough, our 2 brake cow power cart has a combustion engine sound effect rather than any mooing that one would associate with the heavy four-legged milk machines.

Racing through Cruis'n Blast's rendition of London is very intense. Apart from weaving to avoid the occasional speeding famous red bus, we also had to be on the lookout for an out of control London Eye big wheel which can be seen rolling through the streets.

You can see the complete madness for yourselves below, holy cow.

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