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News Combat racer Gas Guzzlers Extreme coming to PS4 and Xbox One


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Seems that Wreckfest isn't the only PC car combat game coming to consoles. Publisher Iceberg Interactive, in collaboration with Croatian developer Gamempires, have announced that car combat racing game Gas Guzzlers Extreme is getting a new console release. The Xbox One release is expected in Q4 2016, but the PS4 version won't be released until late Q2 2017. Both will retail for $29.99.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme PS4 Xbox One

Originally released on PC back in 2013, Gas Guzzlers Extreme focuses on team combat battles with weapon-mounted cars similar to Vigilante 8. You start with low-performance vehicles before working your way up to high-performance models by earning money in races and arena battles. Cars can also be customised to match player's style or match their clan members. 

The console release of Gas Guzzlers Extreme will also include the Full Metal Zombie and Full Metal Frenzy DLC packs previously released on Steam, which adds a zombie apocalypse-themed Survival mode in which you have to obliterate hordes of zombies using power-ups, although the undead also fight back. 

Gas Guzzlers Extreme includes 12 over-the-top game modes, 42 extreme tracks, 12 varying arenas, 8 different environments, 21 customisable and upgradable cars with 12 unique weapon types and 22 distinct zombie variants. 

We're starting to see a resurgence in car combat games lately, with this year's release of Carmageddon Max Damage and of course Wreckfest which is now heading to consoles next year

Are you looking forward to playing Gas Guzzlers Extreme on console?

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