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Astragon Entertainment will release Bus Simulator 16 for the PC on January 20 in the UK.

Bus Simulator 16 is a sim where you must transport your passengers across five city districts in a safe and prompt manner. The sim features six real life buses which range from two-door vehicles right up to large articulated (or bendy) buses.

While driving through the various districts you'll be met with rush hour traffic and must be wary of any emergency vehicles, accidents and any detours due to construction. However not all of your energy should be focused outside the bus as you'll also be busy with what goes on inside the bus too. In Bus Simulator 16 you'll be expected to calm down upset passengers, repair any stuck doors, extend ramps for wheelchair users and make sure you are selling tickets in a correct manner.

As you satisfy all of the above you'll earn reputation which will help you to secure more lucrative contracts and with it larger buses. You'll also unlock additional city districts as you progress which opens up new routes. As you gain reputation you can even gain more advertising banners for your bus which brings in even more cash.

Bus Simulator 16 also features multiplayer gameplay, here you and your friends can share a single company and work together to grow it to near perfection by dividng duties. Bus Simulator 16 is currently scheduled for a PC release in the UK for January 20.

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