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Game: Blazerush

Platform: Linux, Mac, PC, PS3, PS4

Publisher: Targem Games

Release Date: 29/10/2014

We take a look at BlazeRush, an old-school inspired isometric arcade racer, in our latest video and have a quick run through of the game’s various modes and race events.

We then take part in a Death Race where you’ll be tasked to stay away from a giant spiked roller that is chasing everyone down. Making contact with the roller means death and every death grants the rest of the field a point. The action carries on until somebody hits 15 points which triggers the current round as the finale.

We found BlazeRush to be a fun game with some nice looking visual effects and with a fairly lengthy single player career mode. However it is currently nigh on impossible to get an online game which really removes a large chunk of the game’s appeal. You can read our thoughts on BlazeRush in our extensive review.

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