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News Amazon trialing Midnight Delivery for DOOM fans via app


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Amazon are looking to make waves in the preorder market by letting gamers get the benefits of a midnight launch without leaving their homes.

Gamers in selected areas of the UK will be able to place an order via the company's Prime Now app for DOOM from 22:00 up to 23:45 on Thursday 12 May and choosing to receive the game right to their door from midnight until 2am.

It’s a pretty nifty use of Amazon's prime functionality and whilst there are some caveats to the process, it's certainly more appealing than having to wait outside the store in the cold. Sadly those who have already preorderd the game from the retailer will have to wait a few extra hours for the title to arrive.

This delivery scheme is another incentive Amazon are using to try and get the gaming market to buy into the Prime Membership. This one however has a more customer friendly feel than the recent attempts to make certain titles only purchasable to those already signed up for the premium benefit package.

DOOM, the part-remake part-sequel of the 90s classic recently held a succesfull beta to introduce fans to some of the multiplayer modes on show for the final product release. DOOM is out this week on May 13th.

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