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Alan Boiston

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This week’s video blog is the first to be recorded  at 60fps, a feature which has been a long time in the making for the YouTube website but yet another key admission in its importance amongst gamers.  I briefly show clips from Asseto Corsa, F1 2014 and Project Cars, all games we will be revisiting in the coming weeks and all will benefit from the new frame rate.

Elsewhere I won a racing event in Monaco with the prize being a Nico Rosberg helmet signed by the man himself, a video to follow on that soon. There’s also a backlog of video content to appear on the channel, from GT Academy content to a range of interviews. November will be a busy month and the delay of Project Cars has come as some light relief before the onslaught of content for The Crew, of which there will be lots.

A brief mention of our new YouTuber project goes to DomesticMango, you can see his page here and we’ll be talking more about this on a future update. 

Besides recent updates to the site I focus on a range of issues in Formula 1, the politics of the sport has always been part of the show but it now feels more like suffocating the sport. Changes will be required to keep F1 where is and maintain a strong, stable infrastructure for the future.


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