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Alan Boiston

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Hello Viewers, from time to time, Team VVV will be giving Twitch Followers and Subscribers the opportunity to win games or other selected prizes and rewards simply by entering a competition with a randomly generated result.

All you need to do is watch the streams and when I (Alan) announce the start of a giveaway, you can enter by typing !giveaway in the chat. This enters you into the competition, winner picked at random.

I’ll announce the name of the competition and eligibility to enter, either ‘all Followers’ or ‘Subscribers’ along with the prize that day.

So, follow me on my Twitch channel to keep up with the latest competitions.

Full list of rules below.

Team VVV will run competitions on an ad-hoc basis, aiming for weekly competitions, sometimes daily if prizes are available.

Each competition will have a unique name and there will only be 1 winner.

Some competitions will be for Followers and Subscribers. Generally, the most valuable prizes will be for Subscribers, in giving something back to those who have supported the channel.

Channel Followers and Subscribers who win a competition cannot win another competition within the same calendar month. If in the event they enter and win, a new winner will be re-selected.

Giveaways are run using a dedicated system (powered by Twitch Tools – BarRaider), that system sorts a random winner automatically. Team VVV have no control over the sorting process.

Winners will be contacted via Team VVV or Team VVV MODS, using a whisper (DM) message on Twitch supplying the winning game code and always direct from Team VVV if the prize is a free Sub. If that is not possible, viewers should follow @TeamVVV on Twitter and your prize will be DM’d there.

Game codes are supplied to Team VVV from third party publishers and developers specifically for the agreed competitions. If in the event a code does not work or has expired, we will work to arrange a new code. If in the case a new code cannot be supplied, entrant accepts outcome. Team VVV will always try to make good on any situation.

Note that Team VVV is UK based, generally codes work on all regions, however if the codes supplied do not work on your region, Team VVV cannot supply additional working codes.

If the prize requires postage, Team VVV will request your address and phone number to arrange delivery. Without these details, delivery cannot be arranged. Competitions involving shipping will be UK only unless otherwise specified.

Team VVV can change these rules at any time and ban particular members for any reason.

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