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News A new Test Drive Unlimited game will be revealed tomorrow


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We’ve known for a while now that a new Test Drive Unlimited game is in the works – and it seems we’ll get our first look at the title on July 7.

As strongly hinted by new posts on the Test Drive series’ official social media accounts, the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited game will be showcased for the first time during the Nacon Connect digital event on 7th July.

Little else is known about the title at the moment. We don’t yet know which platforms the new Test Drive will launch on, and it’s not even clear if the game will or won’t be named ‘Test Drive Unlimited 3’. So scarce is information right now, the only detail we have is the game’s crown graphic logo – with its design all-but-confirming the ‘Solar Crown’ racing championship from Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be making a return.

Being a Test Drive Unlimited game, however, it’s likely this all-new entry will retain at least some of the core elements from the previous titles. As a result, don’t be surprised if this new game follows in its predecessors’ footsteps by letting players drive an assortment of iconic and desirable cars across a huge open world, buying houses with garages in which to store their car collection, and take part in events ranging from traditional races to novelty challenges such as supercar delivery missions.

Hopefully, we’ll get a clearer idea of what to expect from the new Test Drive, when it’s officially announced during the Nacon Connect event that kicks off at 6 pm British Summer Time on 7th July.

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1 year ago

It’s hard for me to imagine what I would want from a new Test Drive game that is financially possible for a small team like that.

Alan Boiston
Alan Boiston
1 year ago

I always start with the basics, core components of gameplay, driving experience and the core elements with which to interact. TDU2 had a lot there, just with crappy graphics. Yet I still enjoyed it far more than I should have. It is a big project.

Alan Boiston
Alan Boiston
1 year ago

This game has so much potential, let’s hope they get it right. I loved the feeling of exploration.

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