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News New Test Drive Unlimited game by Kylotonn all but confirmed?


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We’ve known for almost two years (!) now that BigBen Interactive has the rights to use and develop future Test Drive titles from Atari including the Test Drive Unlimited brand.

Today we learned that Bigben now owns the entire share capital of the Kylotonn SAS studio, known as KT Racing. Bigben also included “Test Drive Unlimited” in the list of brands they are working with in today’s press release. This all points to a future Test Drive Unlimited game developed by Kylotonn (after some strong rumours).

The very last Test Drive Unlimited game, Test Drive Unlimited 2, released way back in early 2011 (developed by Eden Games) and introduced a host of new social elements to the series. In Test Drive Unlimited, players can explore a huge map (or two in the case of the sequel) discovering new missions, events, houses, and car showrooms along the way, really putting the emphasis on rewarding exploration which was bolstered by a level rank system.

It now seems just a matter of time before a new Test Drive Unlimited game is officially announced (with a very high chance that Kylotonn is developing it) which is very exciting news. Let us know in the comments if you’re as excited for a new “TDU” game as we are.




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