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GRID Autosport available now on iPad and iPhone

Codemasters' GRID Autosport has now landed on iOS devices and promises “console-quality racing on...


Grid Autosport to be released on iOS devices in Spring 2017

Codemasters' 2014 racing title Grid Autosport will be ported over to iOS mobile devices later this...


GRID Autosport available now for no charge for PS Plus subscribers

GRID Autosport is the very latest racing title to be made available for PlayStation Plus subscribers as...


Drag Pack mini-expansion now available for GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport's latest mini-expansion has been released, adding an all-new mode to the seventh-gen racing...


Oculus Rift support coming to Grid Autosport

Codemasters' Grid Autosport is the latest racing title to jump on the Oculus Rift bandwagon alongside the...


Codemasters unveils 'Touring Legends' DLC pack

Codemasters Racing has released its latest expansion for GRID Autosport: the 'Touring Legends' pack. As...


Road and Track Pack released for Grid Autosport

Codemasters has released the third and final car pack for Grid Autosport: the Road and Track Pack. The...


Codemasters releases 'Sprint Pack' mini-expansion for GRID Autosport

The latest piece of downloadable content for GRID Autosport is now available, introducing an all-new game...


Coupé Style car DLC pack released for Grid Autosport

Following last week's Best of British car pack, Codemasters has released the second of three car DLC packs...


Codemasters releases Best of British Car Pack DLC for GRID Autosport

Three new cars have been made available for GRID Autosport, courtesy of the first of three DLC packs for...


Codemasters outline Grid Autosport DLC plans

Codemasters has outlined their extensive DLC plans for Grid Autosport, providing details on what lies...


GRID Autosport review

Whilst I didn't have the opptunity to play last year’s Grid 2 in-depth, it’s clear the game’s reception...


Codemasters details post-launch DLC programme for GRID Autosport

Codemasters has revealed the first information on GRID Autosport's post-launch DLC packs. According to the...


Grid Autosport Preview Video Selection Parts 1-7

Over the past week I’ve been getting behind the wheel on a range of cars for Codemasters upcoming Grid...


22 circuit locations coming to GRID Autosport

Codemasters has revealed GRID Autosport's full track roster, confirming 22 locations will be coming to the...


Codemasters confirms GRID Autosport's complete car roster

In the build-up to GRID Autosport's release in three weeks time, developer Codemasters has revealed the...


Codemasters details GRID Autosport's endurance race events

GRID Autosport developer Codemasters has revealed the first brief details on the endurance racing aspects...


Codemasters confirms GRID Autosport's full touring car roster

Codemasters has pulled the wraps off the entire selection of touring cars available in GRID...


Codemasters claims upgraded damage features for GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport will feature a more in-depth damage system in comparison with previous Grid games, according...


Grid Autosport Black Edition announced to counter pre-order incentives

It's not uncommon for racing games to have limited edition releases with exclusive cars or other...


GRID Autosport: All the compatible wheels and controllers

Codemasters has confirmed every wheel and controller that's compatible with GRID Autosport, across all the...


Codemasters reveals recommended PC specs for GRID Autosport

Codemasters Racing has unveiled the full details on the minimum and recommended system requirements for the...


GRID Autosport's Trophy and Achievements list unveiled

Codemasters has pulled the wraps off GRID Autosport's Trophy and Achievements, providing a...


Difficulty bonuses, driver assists and racing lines confirmed for...

A whole range of driver options will be featured in GRID Autosport, developer Codemasters Racing has...

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