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News Grid Autosport Preview Video Selection Parts 1-7


Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

Posted on

Game: GRID Autosport

Platform: PC, PS3, Switch, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters, Feral Interactive

Release Date: 19/09/2019 (Switch)

Over the past week I’ve been getting behind the wheel on a range of cars for Codemasters upcoming Grid Autosport, first to test the cars and get an idea on handling, then we’ll look to the wide array of options and game structure. Suffice to say that at this stage the handling features a much nicer balance, more grip and less swivel, though it’s still there and using the wheel probably accentuates that experience but it’s all together more playable and more fun, I won’t go into detail now, first its time to let the videos do the talking.





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