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News Drag Pack mini-expansion now available for GRID Autosport


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Game: GRID Autosport

Platform: PC, PS3, Switch, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters, Feral Interactive

Release Date: 19/09/2019 (Switch)

GRID Autosport's latest mini-expansion has been released, adding an all-new mode to the seventh-gen racing game.

As the pack's name suggests, the DLC brings the drag racing game type to GRID Autosport, giving players an all-new auto racing discipline to master alongside the other motorsport genres currently featured in the game.


Content-wise, the Autosport Drag Pack brings nine additional singleplayer championships to compete in, spread out across drag routes at three locations: Detroit, the Hockenheimring and the Autosport Raceway.

Three cars that have been specifically customised for drag racing will also be featured in the pack. What they are exactly is currently unknown, though – judging by the trailer – they appear to be heavily altered versions of the Dodge Challenger, Plymouth Barracuda and Chevrolet Bel Air.

GRID Autosport's Drag Pack is now available to purchase from their respective marketplaces in North American territories for $4.99, with a release in Europe tomorrow (15th October) and a price tag of £3.99/€4.99

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