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Previews We take the latest version of Formula Fusion for a test drive


Kevin Dooley

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Game: Formula Fusion

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: R8 Games

Release Date: Re-branded as "Pacer"

Its been quite some time since we last played the Early Access version of the Formula Fusion, however in light of the recent large update we decided it was about time we gave the futuristic racer another look.

Formula Fusion is shaping up nicely, visually it has improved with some stunning environments on offer, and the handling has been tweaked which gives a much less rigid feel to the crafts.

We are driving (or should that be piloting) one of the fastest crafts in the game known as the FF2000, a work in progress craft according to developer R8 Games, and we struggle to keep the craft from smashing into the side barriers.

R8 Games are currently redesigning the rear of the craft which should help to keep players from smashing into those barriers, perhaps we should've raced one of the slower crafts.

You can check out the Formula Fusion gameplay in the video below and we will of course keep you abreast of all the latest developments for this title which is getting us more and more excited as time goes by.

Formula Fusion is currently scheduled for an early 2017 release across the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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