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News WRC 8 is being built with wheel users in mind


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Game: WRC 8

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 05/09/2019

The very latest instalment of the officially licensed rally game, WRC 8, will hit shelves this September after ditching the traditional annual release schedule.

WRC 8 will continue the shift towards a more authentic rallying experience – something we’ve seen evolve since Kylotonn’s first rally game offering with 2015’s WRC 5.

Project Manager Sebastien Waxin has recently revealed that WRC 8 is being built with wheel users in mind but stresses the title will still be accessible to controller users also.

Game Director Alain Jarniou adds that this is the opposite to what the team has traditionally focused on with earlier titles such as WRC 5.

Jarniou also explains that WRC 8 will have a new “dashcam” interior view to complement the already existing standard cockpit camera viewpoint. This dashcam viewpoint does away with the car’s wheel so racing wheel users can feel more immersed in the action by only seeing their own wheel and not the in-game wheel besides.

Car setups are also more important than ever before – you have more parameters you can tune on your cars this time around and you will also need to manage your tyres under different weather conditions which provides additional challenge compared to previous titles. Additionally, car setups can be saved and shared with the community.

WRC 8 will release across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch in September 2019. The racing title will feature 50 teams, and 14 rallies with more than 100 special stages from the 2019 season making it the biggest off-road racing game ever. The rally title will feature new off-road physics across its range of different surface types as well as a new dynamic weather system including rain, hail, and snow.

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