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News WRC 6 Monte Carlo – Driven to Destruction Part 1


Kevin Dooley


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For our latest WRC 6 gameplay video we'd thought we'd try something a little different. Rather than repairing our car in between stints we opt to ignore this feature altogether and run our Volkswagen Polo in to the ground instead.

Couple the lack of repairing with our slightly rusty WRC 6 skills and we have a recipe for disaster. The action takes place in Monte Carlo and we split the rally in to two videos. The first of which covers the first three stages which already sees us wearing down our tyres significantly.

The Monte Carlo rally gives us a magnitude of different challenges with tarmac, snow and ice to really challenge our skills as we do our best with a damaged car. You can view part 1 of our adventure in the gameplay video below with part two to follow shortly.

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