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News Wipeout co-creator wants the licence to make another Wipeout title


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The co-creator of Wipeout Nick Burcombe has stated that he is interested in making a future Wipeout title should Sony grant him permission.

Wipeout HD ship PS4 screenshotWhen asked by MCV about whether or not he would be interested in working on a spiritual successor to Wipeout, Burcombe said he could do it but instead would prefer to secure the official license for a new Wipeout game.

If Table Top Racing is successful, I know I can put a team together for it as I get asked every week if we’re making a new Wipeout” stated Burcombe. “But I’d have to make that PR story work on a Kickstarter level. You’d have to find out if there’s an audience for it first. I’d be looking at a proper undertaking on this and make it so that players can create their own tracks and really reinvent the whole thing." 

If there’s demand there, we’d love to meet it. But as it stands right now, without the Wipeout brand on it – which I doubt Sony is about to relinquish anytime soon – it’s kind of out of the question without Sony’s blessing.”

I think its fair to say that Nick Burcombe is very enthusiastic about the prospect of making a new Wipeout title from the comments above. Although whether or not Sony will give up the rights is perhaps another matter entirely.

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see a new Wipeout title.

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